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taking is not working. >> my tax plan has already lowered tax for 90 percent of families. >>it's back to the campaign trail today for the presidential candidates following their first debate. the democratic ticket may have some momentum to make up. early analysis shows governor mitt romney walked away from the first showdown with the upper hand. sandra endo is in denver, co this morning with a recap of the action and early analysis. >> hot-button domestic issues took center stage at the first presidential debate. including obamacare. >>if you repeal it seniors will
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pay 600 dollars more. >> start mandating to the providers across america. >> my number one principle will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> is the reason he is keeping all of these plans to replace a secret because they're too good ? >> i am concerned that the path we're on has been unsuccessful.
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>> i definitely have an idea. >> the next presidential debate is on october 16th. the vice presidential candidates face off next week and kentucky. >> the president did it appear to be disengaged. he has been preparing. he also has a day drop. i do not think he is used to people challenging him like that. i think he was a little surprised at the level of challenge. i did not know why he did not come up with some of the lines like a 47% in your sending jobs overseas. all things he had
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in his back pocket. he did not use them. >> strong jobs report could swing the momentum back to the president. >>one of the most talked about moments of the debate came when mitt romney made a reference to sesame street. >> i am not going to keep on spending money to bar from chinaborrow from china. romney's remarks sparked more comments on twitter than his nomination acceptance speech at the g-o-p convention. they also created the hashtag save big bird. >> two-thirds of those who watched the debate believe romney is the winner. nearly half of those polls say the debate did not make them more likely to vote for either
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candidate. 45 percent say they're now more likely to vote for romney. >> he joked about last night's debate. saying he meant a very spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. >>the real mitt romney has been running around for the last year promising five trillion dollars in tax cuts to pay for the welfarealthy. the real mitt romney said we do not need anymore teachers. >> good afternoon. a 79% of
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members voted in favor of this contract. the highest approval rating of a contract in the union's history. this vote shows overwhelming recognition by members. it is a victory for students community and the teachers. an agreement was reached after a seven day strike in september. this is so was the first opportunity. a base salary hike of 3% this year and 2% each of the following years. a recall policy for top teachers who lose their trump. they are yet to say how they are going to pay for all of this. the district faces a $1 billion deficit in nature. >> we have a path that will be
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made public shortly. i think when people see what we're doing, for this year we're in good shape. a huge fiscal challenge for 2014 and beyond. >> the board of education is expected to vote on this contract october 24th. >>talks to end the teacher strike in suburban evergreen park are scheduled to reume at 4:30 this afternoon. after breaking off abruptly early today. teachers are on the picket lines for a third straight day and classes are canceled for about two thousand kids at five schools. the union's lead negotiator says they offered some movement on the major sticking point of
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health coverage but it was rejected by the school board. the union is now refusing any more face-to-face sessions. they claim a school board attorney unleashed a screaming outburst last night. >> our member asked to not be spoken to in a condescending tone. when the talks resume later today a mediator will communicate between the two sides.. which remain far apart on the major sticking points. >>the wife of congressman jesse jackson junior says she's not sure when he'll return to congress. alderman sandi jackson says it's up to his doctors. >>he is on the ballot. he is going to stay on the ballot. >>no last minute switches. >>congressman jackson hasn't been seen in public since he began treatment for bi-polar disorder in june. his wife says he's seeing doctors two to three times a week and recovering at home. she says he hopes to speak to 2nd district voters before the election. and she notes that if democrats take back the house, jackson would be in line to lead the powerful appropriations committee. >> a grand jury is looking into disability claims by chicago
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police officers over the past six years. the sun-times reports a subpoena was issued this week to the police pension board. seeking claims and medical reports on disabled officers. mayor emanuel has said he wants to stop payments to officers who have started new careers. in one case, an officer injured his shoulder on the job. he went back to school and became a lawyer. all while collecting more than 700- thousand dollars in disability benefits. city officials have not commented on the subpoena. it's sentencing day for william cellini. he was convicted of trying to shake down a hollywood producer for a campaign donation for former governor blagojevich, in exchange for a state contract. federal prosecutors want an 8- year sentence. the defense is asking he get probation. >>grabbing food while in a hurry is about to become a lot easier in chicago.
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mayor emanuel has unveiled 23 locations for food trucks. these vehicles would be allowed to set up for two hours at a time at each location, but requires them to stay at least 200 feet away from any licensed restaurants. there would be some designated stands where the trucks would be exempt from the 200-feet rule. the locations include lakeview lincoln park, and the loop. the full city council must still approve the locations. >>coming up next the growing concerns around the country over a meningitis outbreak that's killed four people and sickened dozens of others. and, after being famously created in a harvard dorm room, social media giant facebook reaches a major milestone...
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>>turkey renewed cross-border attacks in syria on thursday, according to the opposition, even as a government official said the country has no interest in war with syria. a deadly meningitis outbreak has now spread to five states. four people have died and at least 30 others have become ill with a rare type of meningitis linked to spinal infections for back pain.
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this type of meningitis does not spread from person to person. so far, cases have appeared in tennessee, north carolina, florida, virginia, and maryland. all the patients are believed to have been infected with a steroid drug contaminated with a fungus called aspergillus. the c-d-c says the drug may have been shipped to 23 states. nearly 100 neglected dogs are abandoned around north texas. a police cruiser camera recorded the roundup of 100 puppies. no one empty their cages or paved them for at leastbathed them for atleast 6 months. the local humane society police the animals were dumped to avoid. a major milestone has been reached as a new report shows one out of every seven people on the planet is active on facebook.
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mark zuckerberg announced thursday that his social media site has more than one billion active users. it took facebook six years to reach 500 million users and barely two more years to double it. facebook's total membership grew 30 percent over the past year. but in hot regions like brazil membership doubled. there are 166 million users in the u-s. next a home appliance company apologizes for an anti-obama tweet made during last night's debate. also ahead the airplane seat saga may actually be over for american airlines after inspections began monday. and later in lunchbreak we're making pistachio crusted shrimp with braised brussels sprouts.
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>> 48 jets are back in service. american began the inspections monday after one plan had to make an emergency landing in another murray turned into the airport. see locking mechanisms are the likely culprit. the number of americans filing first-time claims for unemployment benefits rose last week. indicating an uneven move in the job market. the monthly drop report out tomorrow. layoffs are not the big problems right now. a lack of hiring. an employee accidentally sent an anti obama tweet. it has been
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removed. they issued an apology. if you have a facebook update and you want to have it bomb up to the top of bumped to the top of the newsfeed, you can for 7 dollars. we are seeing a higher market across the board. a pretty nice rally after better than expected report. live at the new york stock exchange. >>next federal prosecutors in northwest indiana announce corruption charges against several elected officials and public employees. and later new techniques docters can use, to analyze the d-n-a of newborns. it helps practitioners zero-in on mutations that can cause disease. and live music this midday from jayhawks' front man gary louris. he's on stage tonight at city winery!
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the u.s. attorneys office in hammond will announce details thursday morning of an 'ongoing investigation of public corruption,' according to a release. the office will hold a news conference at 11 a.m. at the u.s. district court in hammond. the news release did not have any more details on what will be announced, and mary hatton spokeswoman for the office, said she had no comment. the news conference will come a year after the u.s. attorneys offices last announcement of public corruption cases. u.s. attorney david capp then announced indictments against three lake county sheriffs department officers and a separate indictment against former lake county coroner thomas philpot. >> public corruption unit says the have nabbed an assortment of public officials for bribery and theft. >> on explained wealth has always been the achilles' heel of those who criminally violate their position. the u.s. attorney announcing indictments
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of five public officials scattered across northwest indiana. already pled guilty to stealing $176,000 in cash bonds. former director of the east chicago public library accused of falsifying business expenses and filing false tax returns. in east chicago policemen as well as a city councilman indicted for failing to file income tax returns in 2008 and 2009. >> in conjunction with the indictment we have also filed a plea agreement aware they have agreed to plead guilty to the charges and cooperate in our ongoing investigations.
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>> parkses expected to be in court this afternoon. >> u.s. attorney says salinas took a $2,000 kickback. he is the only civilian. he is not a public official. he will also be in court later today accused of offering that kickback. >> your full forecast still to this is america. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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time for sports. baseball is finished in chicago this year, but baseball history was made on the final day of the season. the detroit tigers' miguel cabrera became the first triple crown winner in 45 years.
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he went oh- for- two with a strikeout yesterday, but still finished the season with a .330 batting average, 44 home runs, and 139 r-b-i. cabrera is the 14-th player to win it, and first latin player. boston's carl yastrzemski was the last one to do it in 19-67. adam dunn and many other starters sat out the white sox' season finale in cleveland. recent call-up dan johnson led the sox with three home runs. paul konerko andviciedo also homered. the sox beat the indians nine- nothing, to finish the season 88- and- 77the cubs trying to avoid a sweep in their finale. they're tied with the astros in the ninth and bryan lahair's base hit to right ends the season with a walk- off victory. cubs win 5-4, and finish with 101 losses, and 61 wins. jay cuter and mike tice both downplayed their sideline incident on monday night football. cameras caught cutler walking away from tice in the second quarter.
12:28 pm
they explained they were frustrated after not converting a crucial third- and- one, but everything is good. >>i get enough of me sometimes too. i am not saying he should have handled it differently. >>it helps with a big win as well. >> it is a lovely day out there. at we have some big changes on the way. temperatures are going to drop. let's take a look at these beautiful pictures. the
12:29 pm
catalog's the beautiful colors that are out in that particular area of the world. colchester illinois is the focus of that total right there. photo right there. i think by most estimates this is one of the most beautiful full-color seasons that we have seen in quite some time. a powerhouse cool front coming to the western end of the state. 23 degree drop
12:30 pm
could happen later this afternoon from 3:00 to 8:00. it would take our temperature from 81 down to 58 degrees. a have 30 is on the way. later tonight away from the like period 81 degrees could be the afternoon high temperature. it is not unusual to get that warm. 64 percent of october's from 1928 have had in 80 degree temperature. here's why we do not expected to last. we are 12 degrees warmer here than 24 hours ago. readings are diving. iflooking at the current
12:31 pm
temperatures. a couple of days ago it was 81 degrees in bismarck. a cool air mast is pouring into the country from canada. this weekend will be the coolest weekend in chicago since early march. let's enjoy this. and another three-four hours of this to go. humidity 55%. a 54
12:32 pm
mi. per hour cost. by comparison hours are more in the range of 20-has 75 at the smaller print a beautiful day. there is an hour storm. our storm. here is a cold front marching across the straitstate. when advisories' in minnesota. the ears of our storm
12:33 pm
could the northwest flow will come in here. a will be kind of barley crops. look at the snow accumulated up to the north of us. gust over 40 mph up to the n other.orth. here is the forecast tomorrow morning. the warm weather to give way to scattered showers. here are the temperature departures. it actually warms up next week.
12:34 pm
that is great news. clouds increwasase this afternoon. for tonight we look for the early char's to exit. mid-30s expected and wind. inland. the coolest knight tomorrow night since april. temperatures near 58. as we show you the update a little bit later, 20s out in the suburbs. saturday opens with november like chills. a high temperature of 51. we had a great turnout back in may for our weather radio day. they transmit a media
12:35 pm
notifications of severe weather and emergency alerts from the national weather service. even if you are a sleep this device will color you. it turns on automatically. a portion of those sales have come into us and we are able to pass them along to the american red cross. we're delighted to have the chief executive officer with us. >>thank you for coming. >> i want to present you with this checks for $10,000. this is a public-service campaign designed to protect people against the horrors of severe weather that happened in the middle of the night. who better to present the proceeds? it is with great pleasure that we say thank you to you. how long have
12:36 pm
you been with the american red cross? >> about a year. >>qwwe go to 3-4 home fires everyday. thank yo so much for helping us. >>thank you for all the american red cross does? >> with $14 billion weather disasters in the country never has there been a year with greater pride that we are able to help our friends at the red cross. >>back to you. i guess we come back with more news. hi to all our friends at the red cross. >>time for today's trivia. which of the following countries
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life opens up when you do. the company that owns redbox video kiosks wants to get into the coffee business. rubi box are automated coffee kiosks that will brew beans from starbuck's seatttles best brand in just one-minute. a regular cup of coffee will cost about a dollar. specialty drinks like lattes will run about two-dollars. the kiosks will be placed in drugstores and big-box retailers. no word yet when we'll see a rubi box in the chicago area.
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a new robotic suitcase means never dragging your luggage around the airport again. the suitcase follows you using bluetooth technology in your smartphone. the luggage travels along on caterpillar tracks. if the signal is lost. the bag will lock itself and vibrate its owner's phone. the inventor says he's still working out a few kinks before taking it to market. >>the official drawing pick 3 winning numbers
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including medicare. find your co-pay at >>in medical watch. testing the d-n-a of newborn babies to diagnose rare diseases. about one in 20 babies in newborn intensive care units has a genetic disease and often, no one can figure out what it is. now, doctors in kansas city are reporting they were able to quickly scan the entire d-n-a of babies and pinpoint disease-
12:45 pm
causing mutations in a couple of days. instead of the more typical weeks or months. the new technique could eventually allow doctors to more efficiently and quickly tailor therapies for babies with genetic diseases. >>snake venom may hold the key to pain relief without side effects. french researchers extracted two previolusly unknown pain- killing peptides from the toxin of a black mamba snake. they report, the peptides shut down a pathway responsible for registering pain in the nerve cells of lab mice. further tests suggested that the side effects of morphine and other opiate painkillers would not be a factor with the snake venom peptides. >>how would you like to extract the venom from the black mamba? >>a savory seafood diúepq
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>>in today's lunchbreak we're celebrating national italian heritage month with a recipe for pistachio crusted shrimp with braised brussels sprouts. luca corazzina is the executive chef of 312 chicago. thanks for coming in. >>being italian i am celebrating. what a great idea. >>it is something very easy. we are going to take some jumbo shrimp. we open them like a butterfly. those are nice ones.
12:49 pm
regular breadcrumbs. >>you do not need egg wash. >>a little bit of olive oil. when you dip it just stays on the shrimp. >>the shrimp are ready. >>does it stick? >>it will. >>we are going to start with the brussels sprouts. >>it takes a little bit of time. we have the onions starting to get some color. i peeled the
12:50 pm
outside skin off. >>atn the same time you are going to be cooking them in the same pan. a little bit of salt and black pepper. this will go on for 5 minutes on high heat. a white wine. let it evaporate the white wine. you leave it uncovered. a little bit of the vegatable stock. put it on a low simmer for about 15 minutes. >>let them soak in all the great flavors. >>that looks great.
12:51 pm
>>always using hot pans. they speed up the process. also going to prevent everything from sticking. >>once a month i have my cooking classes. my students get a free gift. >>wonderful. >>the onions getting color. you can use a fresh pepper or roasted pepper. the steam is going to help the skin peel off
12:52 pm
fast. that is what it looks like. add them inside the onion. you are going to cook this at a medium heat. after 10 minutes you are going to take it off and puree it. the last thing we are going to do is cook the shrimp. crank the heat a little bit. >>i am using a vegatetable oil. the olive oil is going to burn fast. we have the plate. we are going to take some brussel spor
12:53 pm
routs and put them in the center of the plate. luca corazzina, thanks so much for joining us. 312 chicago restaurant is at 136 north lasalle to learn more go to: 312 chicago dot com. for today's recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to wgn tv dot com slash midday. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!ñóxó÷?÷?@?@?
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: which of the following countries has not been an italian colony? a. ethiopia b. somalia c. djibouti the answer: c. djibouti >> a warm sunny day. this jet stream pulls the cool air into the center of the country. that
12:56 pm
is the cool air that takes residence over the weekend. the chilliest over night temperatures. a little shot of warmer air coming monday. tuesday it will linger. we are not done with the warm weather yet. lown 50s in the northwest suburbs. look what happens. by
12:57 pm
saturday morning temperatures down and the mid '20s out in the suburbs. a big storm in the upper midwest. rain showers with a front that extends south. as we transition to a much cooler weather. we go up to 58 tomorrow. 51 saturday. 49 on sunday for the marathon. back into the 60s on monday and tuesday next week. it is october. >>look at that. >>thank you for joining us. thanks for joining us today. hope you have a great afternoon.
12:58 pm
remember we're back at 5 and 9. before we go, more music from jayhawks' frontman gary louris. he's on stage tonight at 8, at "city winery" at 1200 west randolph. >> [music]
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